Eat2Win365 is live, it's your time to thrive!

If you’ve tried every diet, joined every gym and are still struggling to lose or maintain weight, now is the time to start eating to win.

Eat2Win’s app powered, live food and fitness coaching service is now available on any device at any time.

Get 365 & get your goals!

GET 365 NOW!

Eat2Win365 takes the traditional and very successful Eat2Win Nutrition coaching methods and principles and combines them with workouts that you can do at home or in the gym, with or without equipment including Yoga, HiiT, Kettlebell and body weight workouts.

Your dedicated coach will write a goal based nutrition and fitness plan built just for you and be on hand to guide you to your goals. Everything is modular so your plan can be developed with or without exercise and allow for your ability and food preferences. Eat2Win365 is the UK's first and only functional food and fitness app led by dedicated Nutrition & Fitness professionals giving you access to:

  • Over 600,000 food items to log your intake against your daily nutrition goals making you accountable for and keeping you on track to your personal health and weight loss goals

  • Over 6,000 exercises with which to build your fitness programme all of which can be tailored to fit in with your busy schedule. 

  • Habit breaking and making techniques are employed by our skilled coaches to ensure your success is permanent

  • Over 150 easy recipes designed by our chef to bring the enjoyment back to mealtimes, not just for you but for your whole family

  • Bespoke plans and one-to-one coaching means you get personal attention, encouragement and a higher rate of success than any diet; mainstream, fad or otherwise

  • Qualified and insured Nutrition & Fitness coaches guarantee your safety at all times while maximising your results

GET 365 NOW!

"It’s functional food and functional fitness at their finest and it’s all available with our real time coaching from any device at any time."

What’s ‘functional’? It simply means it is built to serve a function, that function is to fit around you; your job, your busy life, your ability level, any disability or medical condition you may have, your food likes, dislikes or allergies and any religious or ethical beliefs you may have - 365 is built with one sole function, to get YOU what you WANT!

What you see in 365, your experience of every aspect of the app will have been designed to get you and only you where you want to be and that is what defines 365 and what we’ve always done at Eat2Win. Individual goals, individual plans, individual results.

GET 365 NOW!

Need to know more? You can check out our FAQ page, Testimonials or simply message us f or a free, no strings chat about your goals.