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Very Peri Chicken

Bring the taste of Portugal to your dining room table with this delicious dish. Imagine Nando’s but without the unlimited drink refills and with a side sauce tailored to your own spicy requirements.

The Eat2Win Very Peri marinade and Hellfire Dip & Drizzle sauce pair with just about anything that needs a bit of life blazed into it. Use it as per the recipe or on a whole chicken and it works particularly well with big prawns, white fish like cod and even vegetables, Very Peri Aubergine kebabs are a year round vegetarian BBQ special when we cater events and all of the above can, in classic Eat2Win style, be prepped well in advance to fill your freezer. 
Mama's Potato Salad​​
Mama's Potato Salad is always a popular dish at an event or gathering and a solid fridge filler to pull out to go with lunch, dinner or as a cheeky snack. It’s high in Potassium which means that energy from this dish is slowly released, keeping you going for longer. Balance the quantities to your own taste or follow our simple clean recipe.
Red Lentil Soup
You can make this as a vegetarian friendly recipe but I find chicken stock adds a little something more to the dish. And it’s another really hearty soup, like our ever popular Butternut & Sweet Potato, which can stand in as an emergency dinner if you’re pushed for time and low on options.

Lentils are a staple for vegetarians as they contain lots of lovely protein and unlike meat protein it’s low in fat. It’s also high in Iron & Vitamin A and low in Carbohydrate but with loads of Potassium so it’s a great slow release energy dish which is handy for everyone but especially Diabetics.