It costs just £29.99 to take the 90 day clean eating challenge with Eat2Win.
You get:


Exclusive access to our private Facebook groupThe group keeps you upto date with the latest nutrition news & tips on what produce is at its absolute seasonal best

Our induction eBook #StartHere to refer to as you progress helping you to understand food, nutrition and how it all benefits your health

130+ Chef developed, internationally inspired recipes which are lean, additive free and low in refined sugar and salt. Every recipe has been created, tested and approved by us and our students and is guaranteed 'Busy Family' friendly with many recipes prepped, cooked and dished in under 20 minutes

Access to our recipes. All recipes contain highlights of the nutritional importance of the ingredients used, a taste review and suggestions of what to match it with on your plateNew recipes are added every week

Help with salt & sugar reduction in your and your family's diet and the total banishment artificial additives from everything you eat

A forum to share with and learn from other students on the programme

And a chance for you and your family to live a healthier life!

The first 90 days is just £29.99 followed by a monthly
subscription of £8.99 after the initial 90 days
(You can unsubscribe at any time by giving us 7-days notice*)

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* Eat2Win subscription payment terms and conditions: 
1. Pay monthly customers are debited £29.99 on subscripion, then £8.99 after 90 days and every 30 days thereafter
2. Cancellation of monthly subscription is required to be received by group admin 7 working days prior to your next billing date
3. After cancellation you will have access to the group until the end of your paid period
4. No refunds are offered or implied